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4 Prerequisite Parameters

Investing in commercial properties takes guts as it withholds many risks. The investors prominently look for investment which has considerable return on investment but before looking for commercial investment with ROI, there should be some unique selling points of those properties which makes them the most profitable. 

Commercial properties result in higher rental yields compared to residential properties. India is witnessing commercial real estate to be popular among investors due to high demand for office spaces and excessive rise in rental prices for offices.

In order to understand what makes commercial properties profitable to investors, here are some easy to understand points stated below: 

Easy to locate and rentable properties

The commercial properties that are profitable and investable should be easy to locate or have a location that is premium and easily accessible. The properties should also be rentable and have the capability of procuring numerous tenants.

Must be in a high footfall area 

The properties should have a high footfall area meaning the total number of people who visit the place over a particular period of time should be high and those who come to the property should have buying intent referring to the willingness of the people to buy certain products. 

Should be free from any legal dispute

The commercial property should be from any ongoing legal dispute as it disinterests the investors coming to invest in the property. It can disrupt buying intent of the investors and could also hamper the growth and development of the property.

Should have adequate space for parking

Any commercial property adequate parking space for people who are coming to visit or with a buying intention. Adequate parking space is necessary for bringing in people as most people turn away from the places with lack of parking space, creating a large area specifically for parking can also make the commercial properties profitable.

Bansal One the state-of-the-art commercial property-

Bansal One is a sumptuous 16 storey commercial building with ample space for double-stacked parking. Home to multiple and top leading brands, it is a spectacular commercial centre situated at a premium location providing ultra-modern amenities.

The commercial building is free from any legal dispute, is rentable to one of the top brands and offices and is located at a high footfall area, proving to be Central India’s most profitable commercial building. It is also well equipped with safety norms, double layer security and AI parking control, and is the one stop for all your business needs. Bansal One is a glorious thought turned into reality that in the modern day is the staple standard for future investment. 

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